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Facebook Number Support

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How to Reset Facebook Password Without Old Password?

To start the Reset Facebook password procedure without old password than before that you need to have 3 mutual friends who are interested to help you to Reset Facebook password. After that follow the below steps:   1) Open the Facebook homepage and click on forgotten password 2) Enter your details such as email id, password or phone number in the box and click on the search button. 3) Tap on “no longer have access to these details”. 4) Tap on the option [...]


How to reset your Facebook password via phone number

Your number must be connected or verified with your Facebook account to reset facebook password via phone number. Below are the steps that will help to reset your password through the phone number. Therefore follow it step by step :   1) Open the Facebook home page. 2) Click on the forgotten account option. 3) Find your Facebook account by entering the verified phone number. 4) Select the option of a phone number and click continue. 5) Enter the code you get on your phone number. That’s [...]


How to Share a Page on Facebook with Friends

Benefits of content sharing Sharing content yourself can help promote some of your followers to share your content as well. Sharing quality content builds trust with your fans, and shows them that you do not only care about your own bottom line, you actually want to help them too.   1) Click the arrow that shows Share symbol below the Page’s cover photo. 2) Go to the page and find the page you want to share and click post option. 3) Write an optional [...]


How to change facebook password on iPhone?

1) Open the Facebook application. It will take us to the timeline, but we have to be able to access our settings. 2) Tap on More option (right-bottom on the iPhone screen) 3) Now touch on Settings    4) Next screen, you will find “Security and login”     5) Tap on Change password. 6) Enter the current Password and New password two times. Now enter your old password into the current password fill, then enter your new password which you want to do and [...]


Recovery of your Facebook password

When you are unable to log in your facebook account or forget your password or you’re logged in to your Facebook account and you forgot your password, do follow the steps given below:   1)Click on the drop-down arrow in the right corner of the facebook page and go to setting option. 2) Click on Security and Login option it will pop up with an image that has shown below. 3)Click on change password there you will see “ forgotten your password “ [...]


How can I recover my Facebook account?

1) Open Facebook. 2)  Enter your email address. In the “Email or Phone” text box, you use to log into Facebook. You can also enter your phone number here if you previously added it to your Facebook account. 3) Type in your password in the text box. In Case you don’t remember your password, you will need to reset it before you can continue. 4) Click Log In. It’s a blue button to the right of the login section. 5) Wait for your [...]



The communicative networking website Facebook has established itself as the premier social networking website. Facebook has escorted the world closer by providing the largest common community. Every nation, country, gender, religion can be seen on facebook. Utilizing Facebook is extreme fun, as there is a series of eye-catching features available on the ruler of social media, and it is regularly updating the feature list with more compelling ones. Facebook detractors decry a number of issues stemming from social networking [...]


I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?

I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?   1) If you have forgotten your Facebook account password and email id, you will need to click on the ‘Forgotten account ’ area on the right hand of the Facebook login home page as shown in the screenshot. 2)  It takes you via to the Find Your Facebook Account page, where you have the option of typing your username, phone number, email or full name in the [...]


How to Delete your Facebook account temporarily or permanently?

You can deactivate your Facebook account for that you have to follow the simple steps. 1) Log in to your account click on the blue drop-down arrow symbol that has shown in the image, located at the top right corner of the facebook page. 2) Go to the setting option and click on General in the left column.      3) In the general option, you will see “ manage account “ click on it. As you can see in the above image [...]


How do I change my password on Facebook?

1) Log in to your facebook account and click drop-down arrow symbol in the right corner of the Facebook page. 2) click on settings option it’s at the bottom of the menu. 3) click on security and login option in the left column . 4) Scroll down the open page and click on Password Change . 5) Enter your current password in the specific box and type a new password in the next field. 6) Retype new password in the bottom field and click on [...]

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