Report A Problem

You may come to face various issues or problems on Facebook. We can help you in reporting a problem to the Facebook and get your problem sorted. Here is a list of possible problems you may face over Facebook.

Someone is violating your privacy by posting a picture, a video or any other information about you, a family member, a relative, or anyone you know.

If you are posting on your friends’ timelines too much, in that case Facebook might consider you as a bot and suspend your account.

If you find someone impersonating you or someone you know over the Facebook.

If you came across a fake account over the Facebook which may be violating a Facebook policy.

If someone is using your intellectual property, content and any other thing then we can help you report it and get it taken down.

We can give you the complete guidance with the Facebook report and privacy policies, list of things which are allowed on Facebook and which are not.

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